Grooming Prices

Grooming prices will vary depending upon breed, condition of coat, how you want your dog groomed and what I call the wriggle factor.

For an approximate cost please refer to the price guide listed below, but I will need to asses the dogs coat when I arrive to see if it’s going to take longer than expected due to matting. If the coat has some matting it will take me longer to work on and will therefore be more expensive. If the dog’s coat has excessive matting I will have to clip the coat short to remove the matting as outlined in the Animal Welfare Act 2007 which outlines my responsibility to protect from pain and suffering. I am happy to give you tips on the most effective way to care for your dogs coat in between appointments.

 Puppy Package Price

As part of your puppy’s socialisation I offer the Puppy Package at £30 for 4 visits lasting about 15 minutes. 

The puppy will start to learn that coming to visit me is a good thing. They will go up on the table for brushing, checking nails, ears etc. Moving on to introduce clippers (not actually clipping anything) scissors and the drier. Getting lots of praise and treats.

Millie’s first puppy groom

Nervous Dogs

For nervous dogs we can do the same as for puppies, to help build their confidence.

 Full Groom Price  

Miniature to Small Breed From £20.00 e.g. Yorkies & Chihuahuas

Small-Medium Breed From £35.00 e.g. Westies & King Charles Spaniels

Medium-Large Breed From £45.00  (The largest dog I can do is the size of a Labrador) e.g. Springer Spaniel & Border Collie

Hand Stripping Price

£20.00 Per Hour (Maximum of 2 hours in a sitting). Hand stripping is a technique used to pull out dead hair (this doesn’t hurt the dog), mainly from wire haired dogs e.g. Border Terriers it helps keep the correct texture and colour.


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